Hotel Podklasztorze is open to guests with their pets. Each four-legged guest will receive a welcome, tasty surprise from us. At your request, we will provide bedding, blankets, bowls and towels.

We oblige our guests to comply with the following regulations.

  1. The basic condition for accepting an animal at the Hotel is to notify the arrival of the Guest with the animal at the time of booking and provide its breed and species
  2. Animals, hereinafter referred to as "pets", are allowed in the Podklasztorze Hotel, in accordance with the rules set out in these regulations.
  3. Pets include: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, canaries/parakeets.
  4. The hotel does not accept other animals, in particular those commonly considered dangerous or aggressive, including: reptiles, arachnids, amphibians and dogs of the breed specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration of April 28, 2003 on the list of dog breeds considered aggressive
  5. If the stay with an animal is not reported, the hotel may refuse to accommodate and return the advance payment.
  6. Failure to inform the hotel reception about having an animal in the room and fail to pay the appropriate fee will result in a fine of PLN 200.
  7. The hotel accepts pets for an additional fee. The cost of an animal's stay in the hotel is PLN 100/day.
  8. Healthy animals with current rabies vaccination and deworming are accepted at the Hotel. The hotel has the right to refuse to accept animals without current vaccinations, sick or during convalescence.
  9. The owner of the animal declares that the animal is healthy and does not pose a threat to other animals and people.
  10. Pets should stay in the rooms. Outside the rooms, pets must be walked on a leash and be under the care of the owner. In special cases, the hotel reserves the right to impose a muzzle order.
  11. It is unacceptable for dogs to stay on beds and sofas, to use hotel towels and bed linen for the needs of animals, for animals to settle their physiological needs in the rooms. To secure your needs, we have the ability to provide you with blankets and towels.
  12. Taking care of the safety of our guests and taking into account possible allergies of guests, it is forbidden to bring animals to catering outlets (restaurants, bars), recreational facilities, indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children.
  13. Cat owners must have a litter box with sand and empty it into a plastic bag, which will then be disposed of in the bin indicated by the hotel staff.
  14. None of the animals should be left alone in the room if at that time it disturbs the peace of other guests and may cause damage to property.
  15. For safety reasons, rooms with pets are cleaned only in the presence of the owner or when the animal is not in the room. In order to determine a convenient time, please contact the service.
  16. If you leave your pet alone in the room, please leave a tag on the door handle, on the outside of the door.
  17. Pet owners are responsible for complying with the hotel regulations regarding keeping quiet at night in the hotel and not disturbing other guests.
  18. In the event of repeated complaints from other Guests, the Hotel reserves the right to remove the animal from the facility at the expense of its owner.
  19. In the event of a justified suspicion that an animal left in the room disturbs the stay of other Guests, damages the Hotel's property, or may cause a situation of danger to itself or other Guests, the Hotel Manager will try to contact the owner in order to solve the problem. In the absence of contact, the Hotel reserves the right to enter the Guest's room with the help of appropriate services and remove the animal from the Hotel. All costs resulting from the above activities are covered by the owner.
  20. All damages caused by the animal, on the property of the Hotel or other Guests, and dirt requiring additional work will be individually priced, and their costs will be charged to the owners of the animal, e.g. for soiled or damaged bedding, bitten furniture, etc.
  21. The owner of the animal is obliged to clean up the waste left by the animal on the premises and in the vicinity of the hotel.
  22. The owner who decides to come with an animal declares that he has read the rules of stay of animals at the Podklasztorze Hotel and accepts its provisions.