In Hotel Podklasztorze, we have created a unique place of relaxation and relaxation drawing on the forces of nature, where there is a unique microclimate, and the air is immaculately clean, filled with microelements and elements that have a beneficial effect on our body.

Relaks w grocie solnej w hotelu pod Warszawą

The graduation tower saturates the air with iodine, bromine and a whole range of microelements such as magnesium, bromine, iodine and a whole range of other microelements. Sessions strengthen immunity, increase concentration and also improve the condition and support the treatment of many diseases. For Guests using SPA treatments, the stay in the grotto is free of charge.


  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract
  • sinusitis
  • hypertension
  • allergies
  • neuroses


  • hyperthyroidism
  • cancers
  • allergic to iodine or bromine
  • circulatory failure diseases

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