The Regulations define the rules for using and staying in the Wellness Zone. The Wellness Zone includes: swimming pool, paddling pool for children, Jacuzzi, saunas and baths, cooling attractions, cloakroom. The Regulations apply to all Guests staying in the Wellness Zone at the Podklasztorze Hotel in Sulejów. The valid opening hours of the Wellness Zone are available at the Spa Reception and the Main Reception of the Hotel.

  1. Before entering the Wellness Zone, read the applicable regulations of the Wellness Zone, Sauna and Bath Zone and the Swimming Pool Zone.
  2. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt from its observance.
  3. Using the Wellness Zone is at your own risk.
  4. You can stay in the Wellness Zone only during its opening hours.
  5. Bringing in sound and image recording devices as well as sound or image recording is possible only with the consent of the Spa Manager.
  6. The Wellness Zone is a quiet zone. For the sake of your relaxation, please do not bring mobile phones or turn them off.
  7. Guests from outside the hotel can use the Wellness Zone for an appropriate fee, paid before entering the facility according to the current price list available at Monasterium Spa Reception.
  8. Minors under the age of 12 may use the Wellness Zone only under the care of adults, and those over the age of 12 with their written consent.
  9. Losing the key to the locker is associated with a fee for replacing the lock.
  10. The hotel is not responsible for items left in the Wellness Zone. Before using the Wellness Zone. Valuables should be deposited at the Hotel's Main Reception or Monasterium Spa Reception.
  11. Persons in a state indicating the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants will be asked to leave the Wellness Zone.
  12. Persons in a state indicating the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants will be asked to leave the Wellness Zone.
  13. Each user of the Wellness Zone is obliged to have a towel.
  14. Avoid heavy meals an hour before the planned entry to the Swimming Pool Zone and the Sauna Zone.
  15. Before entering the Wellness Zone, you must take a shower.
  16. In the sauna, sit or lie only on towels so that the body does not come into contact with the seat.
  17. In the Wellness Zone it is forbidden to:
    - smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or other intoxicants,
    - creating situations that threaten the safety of people staying there, e.g. running, waterboarding, jumping and throwing into water,
    - making noise and disturbing the rest of others,
    - using rescue and floating equipment for purposes other than intended,
    - introducing animals,
    - moving around in shoes not intended for this,
    - throwing any objects not intended for this into the water,
    - destroying equipment, touching and manipulating devices,
    - polluting the pool water,
    - bring your own scents, aromas,
    - bringing in glass elements, glasses, glasses
    - performing cosmetic treatments, cooling down after the sauna in the swimming pool or hydromassage pool,
    - behavior generally considered indecent or offensive
  18. People with unstable health should use the attractions with extreme caution or after consulting a doctor.
  19. The hotel is not responsible for the deterioration of health due to inappropriate use of the attractions.
  20. If you feel unwell, leave the Wellness Zone immediately and, if necessary, inform the staff.
  21. Persons using the Wellness Zone are obliged to strictly follow the recommendations of the persons operating the facility.
  22. The person responsible for the destruction or damage of the equipment is financially responsible for the damage caused.
  23. Their legal guardians are responsible for minors who destroy equipment or devices.
  24. The hotel is not responsible for accidents caused by non-compliance with the regulations.
  25. In disputes not specified in these Regulations, the legal provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
  26. All justified wishes, comments and complaints should be reported in writing to Monasterium Spa Reception, Hotel Management or the Manager on duty during the stay in the Spa&Wellness complex.

The hotel provides services in accordance with its category and standard. In case of any reservations regarding the quality of services, the Guest is asked to immediately contact the Hotel Management and the Spa Manager, which will enable an immediate response. Thank you very much for complying with the above regulations. If you have any additional questions, the Spa Reception is at your disposal during opening hours. We wish you a pleasant stay at Hotel Podklasztorze in Sulejów.