Our professional bartender will take care of your good time. He will prepare for you stunning drinks and colorful cocktails. He will tell interesting facts about the served drinks and teach you how to prepare drinks during the workshops. Especially for you, he will present a live champagne saber and an evolutionary bartending flair show. At your disposal, apart from the bar, there is also an intimate and cozy room in the Attic Tower, ideal for endless conversations and great fun.

Our invaluable sommelier Przemysław Tumiłowicz will take you on an extraordinary journey through the world of wines from around the world. He is a great wine enthusiast. He can talk about it for hours. Listening to his stories while tasting wines from around the world, you will feel the warmth of Tuscany, the pleasant wind of Porto and, above all, the depth of flavors and colors of wines from many corners of the world. We put you in the hands of a real specialist for whom wine has no secrets. See the offer