This is a dynamic team game where the main task of each team is to free themselves from a room/meeting room. Only cooperation and creative thinking is the key to success. There are many secrets, ciphers and codes to be solved in the room, which will eventually show them the way to the exit.

Flowers for children, colorful dresses - you will feel like you are on the set of the film Hair, and the hits from those times will be great fun

We offer entertainment that you have not experienced yet. You have the opportunity to make an extraordinary journey through time. Create a film in which you play the main historical roles.

Painting with sand is a unique spectacle that moves, delights and gives you the opportunity to express any emotions. Any story can be told with sand or light animations. The speed painting show is incredibly spectacular, where real works of art are created in just a few minutes before your eyes. All shows are performed by the finalists of the Got Talent program.

Handsome James Bond surrounded by beautiful women will take you to the atmosphere of a sensational movie. Car races, looking for wiretaps, drugs, good music and a surprise - disarming the bomb hidden in the cake.

We invite you to check your form during the championships in "freak competitions".