1. The pass entitles you to use the swimming pool/wellness area of the Podklasztorze Hotel, understood as the swimming pool, areas adjacent to the swimming pool in the same room, i.e. Jacuzzi, saunas, showers and toilets located by the pool.
  2. The voucher may only be used by authorized persons (name and surname on the voucher), whose names and surnames have been entered into the voucher and the Hotel Podklasztorze reception register. An employee of the Podklaszrze Hotel has the right to ask the card holder to show a document in order to verify his identity. In the event of refusal to present or lack of a document, the employee has the right to refuse that person entry to the swimming pool.
  3. One person can use the card.
  4. The pass is valid for 3 months, the validity begins on the day of purchasing the service. The date written on the card.
  5. pt. 2, 3 and 4 do not apply to passes purchased in a promotional campaign, which may specify detailed rules for the use of passes.
  6. The price list of single tickets and passes is available at www.hotelpodkalsztorze.pl and at the hotel reception.
  7. Rental of a towel, rental of a bathrobe is payable additionally.
  8. There is an additional fee specified in the price list for the loss of the key.
  9. The use of the pass is possible on the days and hours of the swimming pool's operation.
  10. If the pass is lost, the customer is not entitled to a refund.
  11. For failure to use the voucher on time, there is no gratification or refund, both during its implementation and after the end of the voucher's validity.
  12. In exceptional cases documented by the card holder (e.g. long-term illness), the card can be extended without additional payment, based on a written request, by e-mail to recepcja@hotelpodklasztorze.pl, which will be considered individually by the manager of the Hotel Podklasztorze.
  13. Hotel Podklasztorze reserves the right not to allow the card holder to enter the Wellness area in the event of a failure, technical breaks and other random events, as well as situations of full occupancy of the facility. In such situations, the pass can be used at a different date and time of the day, when there will be no obstacles.
  14. In the event of restrictions on the use of certain devices and services in the Wellness area, e.g. jacuzzi or sauna, the user of the pass decides whether to use the swimming pool on a given day. The hotel does not compensate the price difference.
  15. During downtimes in the functioning of the swimming pool area referred to in point 14, as compensation, the period of validity of the voucher is extended in proportion to the number of days of downtime.
  16. Children up to 18 years of age entering the pool area must be under the care of an adult and responsible for the adult.
  17. When purchasing a pass, the user, by providing his personal data, agrees to their processing, only for the purpose of using the services of Hotel Podklasztorze.
  18. The purchase and use of the pass is tantamount to acceptance of these regulations and the regulations of using the swimming pool area of the Hotel Podklasztorze.
  19. In the case of people who do not comply with the regulations of the swimming pool area, Hotel Podklasztorze reserves the right to ask such people to leave the swimming pool area without refunding the cost of purchasing the pass. Persons. Those who have repeatedly or grossly violated the regulations of the Wellness Hotel Podklasztorze zone may not be allowed to enter the pool area despite having a valid pass. These persons are not entitled to a refund for their pass.
  20. The Podklaszrze Hotel reserves accessibility restrictions on certain days and informs about any failures, restrictions and faults on its fb page. 21. In matters not included in these Regulations, the final vote belongs to the Hotel Manager.