It is an object that has become an inspiration for the directors of such films as "Janka", "Pan Wołodyjowski", "Prywatne Investigation" and "Marked". It was here that the photos for the most famous productions were made.

Do you know that "Janka", together with her mother and grandfather, lived in an inn located in Podklasztorze, where the horse races of the title character and Julek also took place?

You've probably also heard about the cult production of Władysław Pasikowski "Dogs 2. Last Blood". The shootout between the main characters and the Russian criminals became a spectacular scene, which was shot on the premises of the former Lime Industry Plant in Podkurnędzu, which is adjacent to the Podklasztorze.

The famous kidnapping scene of Prince Bogusław (played by Leszek Teleszyński) by Kmicic (Daniel Olbrychski) in Jerzy Hoffman's The Deluge was also filmed in Podklasztorze.

In the shadow of the Krakow gate, a scene for the first episode of the series "Przygody Pana Michała" was shot, in which the film Zagłoba convinced Michał Wołodyjowski to leave the monastic life.

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